Title: Write Your Own Text Book

Room 203

Presenter: Ben Smith


iBooks offer a tremendous way to deliver content to students. These books incorporate video, pictures, links, pdfs, and more. We will demonstrate how to create your book in iBook Author (Mac only), export the book to iBook format, the differences between iBooks, PDFs and ePubs, and how to make your book accessible to students and parents. Creating your own book, allows you to use original material and student work to meet the state standards. Books do not imply a great length. They can include as many or few pages as necessary. Students will become engaged in their work. This session will include a demonstration of iBooks ready for classroom use. In the second half, we will discuss and show how to have students complete their own science book. This engaging an authentic work will push students to do their best work.




Mac only for iBooks Author
iPad / iPhone to read iBooks
Any for ePub / PDF

Outline of Presentation:

Review of Book Formats - PDF, ePub, iBooks
Tour of iBooks Author
Creation of Media
Use of Widgets
Screencasting and finding resources


iBooks Author (Mac Only)
iMagnetic iBook - http://www.nasa.gov/connect/ebooks/imaginetic_space_TG_detail.html#.U857R4BdXv8
Screencast-o-Matic - http://www.screencastomatic.com
PDF Maker - http://www.primopdf.com
Blender - http://www.blender.org/