Title: Connecting Elementary Students

Room: 201

Presenter: Amy Musone

I am so excited to be here! In 2007, I was invited to the summit as an attendant. The week was exhausting and magical. The experience transformed my practice. The three years following, I came back to the summit as a facilitator, and of course, learner. Since then, I have become involved with PLP, another transformative experience. Needless to say, I have been truly blessed to be mentored and guided by passionate educators. In addition to that, I have the pleasure of teaching graduate level courses through Eduspire (and have taken rocking courses from them). I love to work collaboratively with others. The thrill and excitement of learning, trying, working through things with others, and finding successes (even small ones) is what keeps me going. I should also mention that I spend many hours a day learning alongside young children at Roundtown Elementary School.



TPACK Explained

Planning & Preparation

There needed to be a shift in the way we, as learners, operated. This meant there needed to be a shift in planning.

Content, Technology & Pedagogy/ Teacher vs. Student Driven


Together We Are Better! Making Connections Near & Afar

One can find that sweet spot in the TPACK visual, create a learning environment that is student-centered and student-driven, but one can do it better with a little help from their friends!

Rule of Thumb: It NEVER hurts to ask!


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Student Centered & Student Driven Learning Resources (PBL Resources)
Ideas To Get Learners Involved (Project Ideas, Connections)