Title: Connect Two to, too!

Room: 200

Presenter: Carol Teitelman carol.jpg


Connecting to other classrooms for 100th day celebrations, Flat Stanley meet and greets, MysteryQuests and more can add value and excitement for students. Getting experts connected can add depth of understanding. BUT how do you find these people, what do you need to do to connect, when do you find the time????? This session will provide an overview of the best sites to find connections, a 4 step guide that will build the inner video conference guru in you, and connect you to providers that will engage and enthrall your students and YOU! (No special equipment necessary.)

Connect: http://esc13.zoom.us/j/5129195316

Outline of Presentation:

A. What do I need in my classroom to video conference?
B. What can I do in my classroom with video conferencing that will ADD VALUE?
C. Where do I find the resources?
D. Sandbox with educators from Australia, South Africa, Alaska and France.


VC Links

With hundreds of professionally developed and delivered interactive learning sessions from hundreds of providers,how do you choose where to start? Use one of the following links to find searchable lists of high quality video conferences.

external image logo-cilc-header.gif
A national listing of virtual fieldtrips and student collaborations from all over the world. They also maintain a list professional development programs and academic classes. http://www.cilc.net


An Internet2 Gigapop in Philadelphia that has special programs for K-12 schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond. http://www.magpi.net

external image TETN_header.png
TETN is a consortium of 20 Education Services Centers and TEA. The website lists upcoming Professional Development, Student Programs and informational meetings from TEA. http://www.tetnplus.net

external image txlogo3.jpg
**Connect2Texas** Connect2Texas has partnered with museums, organizations and authors around the state of Texas to provide interactive videoconference learning experiences for your students or staff.Visit their website to register for an event. www.connect2texas.net

How Video Conferences in the Classroom Work http://people.howstuffworks.com/classroom-video-conferencing.htm