Using your cohort wiki page as a working space. Your task is to develop your idea using the 4 pillars and publish content that you'll be able to share with everyone at the end of the week. Your project will always be a work in progress.

Tuesday - Friday
  • Meet with cohort to develop content to share.
  • Use your cohort wiki as a working space.
  • Create your published content in any format with a link on your wiki cohort page.

  • Present your idea to the large group in 3-5 minutes.

Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3: PBL-Project Based Learning
Group 4:
Group 5:
Group 6:
Group 7:
Group 8:
Group 9:
Group 10:
Group 11: Authentic learning
Group 12:
Group 13:
Group 14:
Group 15: Inquiry Learning Innovators
Group 16:
Group 17:
Group 18
Group 19
Group 20