Title: Science 2.0

Room 103

Presenter: Ben Smith and Cathy Laguna


Web 2.0 tools allow for students to create products online, all while focusing upon collaboration and creativity. Grouping and associating these products through “tagging”, allows students to join the conversation with students of similar interests and ideas. Come learn how to use the best free tools on the web. This session is designed to explore how to choose appropriate tool for the right job. It is important that the curricular reasoning for choosing a tool comes first. Our session describes the process for choosing a tool as well the pedagogy behind the decision-making. We will demonstrate tools that align to the NGSS and especially the Science Practices. There will be student examples and chance for participants to join in the use of the tool. All tools demonstrated will be freely available on the web. We will review how Science Practices can fit into curriculum design and align to the tools being described.




Anything with a web browser but typically computer based is best.

Outline of Presentation:

Importance of Tagging
Tools, Uses and Student Examples
- we will share examples and engage participants in their use