Title: Beyond Flipping

ROOM: 102


Jason K. Suter
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+JasonSuter
Twitter: @jksuter
LinkedIn: jksuter
email: jasonsuter@eduspire.org or jsuter@hanoverpublic.org


It took me nearly three years of researching, studying, and thinking about the flipped classroom strategy before deciding to implement it in my own classroom. A hesitant start with one flipped unit quickly led to a passion to flipped the entire course. During this time it was quickly realized that all the previous work I had done with integrating technology into classroom created the groundwork to make flipping possible. Of course it still required a lot of new work and changes. Most importantly though, it also became apparent that flipping was not the goal, but rather a step along the way.

This session will try and focus on getting us to think about what our classroom practice might look like from a different lens. I really believe what we are talking about here is the future of learning. In essence, we will be asking the question, “What does technology allow us to do now that we couldn’t do before?” Through that lens we will be looking beyond just flipping the classroom and discovering how mass customized learning may now become a real possibility for our students.


K-12, All subjects, All teachers


Not specific to any device or platform

Outline of Presentation:

  1. How and why does implementing the flipped classroom strategy solve many of the problems we face in our classrooms today?
  2. Where do we start? How do we begin to incorporate the flipped classroom strategy into our classrooms and how long does it realistically take?
  3. Where are we heading? If the goal is more than just flipping your classroom, what is the real goal?


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