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Mel Aaron

Position: Social Studies, Psychology and World Studies
Can help with: Google Docs, AP Prep, Near Pod
Special Interests: Geocaching, travel, Pittsburgh Pirates

Lauren (Sanker) Allison

Position: 12th grade English
Can help with: Prezi, Google Apps, Remind (formerly Remind101), Google Drive, Schoology
Special Interests: Reading, travel, technology, Pittsburgh Steelers
Website: aboutme/laurenallison
Online Handle: Twitter- @mrslallison

Kate Amatuzzo

Position: Choral/General Music Teacher (JW Parker Middle School)
Can help with: Mac/iPad, iMovie, Keynote, Pages, iPhoto, Garage Band, Google Apps, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Special Interests: Singing, musical theatre, baking, running, creative writing, and most importantly, the Pittsburgh Penguins
Website: JWPMS Music Department Page
Online Handle(s): Twitter & Facebook

Ryne Anthony

Position: Middle School Science
Can help with: Google Drive, 1:1 iPad, LMS - Schoology and Moodle, Video Production/Editing, Everything Apple.
Special Interests: Sports - Playing and Coaching
Online Handles: Twitter Google +

Caitlin Blakely

Position: High School Art Teacher at Methacton School District
Can help with: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, iPads, wiki, Audacity, Google Sketch Up, iMovie, Movie Maker
Special Interests: Cooking, fitness, Silk screening, Snowboarding, and Creating
Online Handles:
Email: or

Michael Bogdan
Position: High School Spanish - South Middleton School District
Can help with: AP prep, voice recording, Google Drive / Docs, Glogster, Blabberize, Photo Story, Quia, digital storytelling.
Special Interests: Currently learning French, travel, racquetball, Hispanic literature.
Online Handle(s): coming soon

Sheila Bower

Position: First Grade Teacher
Can help with: weebly websites, smart board, iPad, Daily Five Reading or Math.
Special Interests: literacy, Penn State, Mass Customized Learning
Online Handle(s): Facebook: Sheila Bower, Confluence; @sheila_bower; Pinterest: Sheila Bower

Liz Brobst

Position: High School Librarian
Can Help With: Google (drive, apps, extensions, etc), social media, weebly...
Special Interests: reading, television (so many good shows right now!), crosswords, fitness (even though I've been lazy lately), and my pets
Website: WRSD HS Library
Online Handle(s): on twitter @lizbrarian101 or @wrsdlibraries
Email: or

Jackie Brooks

Jackie Kling Brooks
Jackie Kling Brooks

Position: Science Teacher (jenkintown middle/high school)
Can help with:iMovie, google drive, google apps, making MP3s, comic strips, inquiry learning (model interpretation)
Special Interests: kayaking, animals, cross country skiing
Online Handle(s):eg. twitter: @Brooksj1263; facebook Jackie Kling Brooks

Robin Burns
Robin Burns.jpg

Position: High School Library Media Teacher – Salisbury High School
Can help with: Digital Curation, Google Apps for Education, iLife, iWorks, LibGuides Makerspaces & Twitter
Special Interests: Reading, Running, & Travel
Website: FalconGuides
Online Handle(s): @robinmburns

Phil Burrell


Position: 21st Century School Librarian, Instructional Coach, High School Social Studies Teacher at Bloomsburg Area High School
Can help with: Digital storytelling, Web 2.0 tools, mobile devices and apps, social media, PC & Mac, instructional coaching, Google Apps, LMS, QR Codes and AR
Special Interests: Tennis, Obstacle/Mud races, learning technology
Online Handle(s):
Twitter: @pburrell
Skype: paburrell
Facebook: Phil Burrell
Google+: paburrell

Ken Carlson


Position: Secondary Technology Coach; 7th Grade Social Studies
Waynesboro Area School District
Can help with: Mac, Windows, iPads, Chromebooks, Schoology, whatever is needed.
Special Interests: Tech, Gadgets, Star Trek, Marvel, God ( Not necessarily in that order
Online Handle(s): Twitter: mrcarlson

Rikki Lee Carr


Position: 11th grade Literature teacher, credit recovery and summer school English (grades 9-12).
Can help with: moodle, twitter, snapchat, Vine, making yogurt, and pinning fabulous recipes and/or hilarious .gifs
Special Interests: new technology, horses, goats, chickens, and churning butter.
Website: Mrs. Carr's Wonderful World of English
Online Handle(s): snapchat: rikkifishcarr twitter: **rikkifish**


Nicole Carrier
Nicole Carrier
Nicole Carrier

Position- 3rd Grade Teacher/Redbank Valley School District
Can Help with- word, apps
Special Interests- swimming, camping, family, shopping, being a mom
Twitter- @nlcarrier

Ann Clark


Position: STEM Educator & Instructional Technology Specialist
Can help with: (scripts, storyboarding)
Special Interests: Corry Area Historical Society, Inc. (Over 10,000 items in 12,000 sq. ft, including a locomotive!), geocaching
Website: Twitter - @aec333

Don Conaway
Position: 8th Grade Science
Can help with: iMovie, Social Media, Technology Grant Writing, SmartBoard Lessons
Special Interests: My Vegetable Garden and Anything Philly Sports

Twitter - @MrCwayScience

Janice Conger

Position: Upper Elementary School Librarian
Can help with: Green-Screen, Video Conferencing, Wikis, iPads, Love my Apple products!
Special Interests: Love traveling with my husband, launching stomp rockets with my grandsons, fishing, playing with circuits, very interested in doing more with flipped lessons and student centered library activities, would like a maker space and a 3D printer!
Website: Library website, Library wiki, PowerLibrarian Blog.
Twitter - @congerjan
Email: school-, home-

Jacob Corl

Self Pic.jpg

Position: Earth/Space and Environmental Science teacher - Central Fulton SD
Can help with: PC issues, creating videos/multimedia, google docs, other "techy" stuff.
Special Interests: Camping, soccer, family, outdoor stuff, very interested in flipping the classroom
Website: Mr. Corl's teacher page
Professional Online Handle(s):
- Facebook: "Jake Corl"
- Twitter (brand new): @Jgcorl

Teresa Cross


Position: ESL Teacher K-5 – Salisbury Township School District
Can help with: Twitter, iPad apps, iLife, iWorks, Google Apps for Education, wikis
Special Interests: Travel, music, photography, reading
Website: Mrs. Cross Teacher Page
Professional Online Handle(s):
Twitter: @Teresa_Cross_
Pinterest: Teresa_Cross

Brianna Crowley

Position: HS English Teacher | Instructional Tech Coach | Teacherpreneur
Can help with: social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Google+), communications & publishing,
building a PLN, iMovie, infographics, Edmodo, blended learning
Special Interests: Leadership, travel, YA lit, gardening
Professional Handle(s): @AkaMsCrowley Pinterest Profile Google+ LinkdIn

JoAnn Delaney

2013-08-12 01.32.40.jpg
Position: Teacher Grade 6 Science-Hershey Middle School
Can help with: Genius Hour Passion Projects, AppSmashing, Building Twitter PLN
Special Interests: Photography, Fashion, Music, Yoga, Running, Biking & Kayaking
Professional Online Handle(s):
Twitter @jdelaneyJoAnn
Educational Facebook JoAnn Delaney
Skype jdelaneyjoann

Maureen Devine


Position: Third Grade Math and Science Teacher
Can help with: iPads, screen-casting, Microsoft word and publisher, Google Docs, Educreations App ,Discovery Education, Animoto
Special interest: Biking, skiing, hiking, kayaking, boating, and swimming, learning something new
Online Handles: Twitter @mdevine42
School Website
email: ,

Karyn Dobda

Position: Coordinator of Online Learning and Professional Development North Allegheny School District
Can help with: PD planning, Camtasia, Volume Purchasing of Apps, Formative Assessment
Special Interests: Camping, Cooking,
Online Handle(s): Twitter @kdobs1129
Email: or

Christie Doll

Position: 3rd grade Pleasant Valley School District
Can help with: iPads, Actinspire/Promethean, podcasting, apps, Moviemaker, wikis,
Special Interests: kayaking, biking camping and spending time with family and friends
Online Handle(s): Twitter: @cdoll365

Kristin Douglas

Position: High School Librarian Hempfield School District
Can help with: iMovie 11, Garageband, Podcasting, Wikispaces, Libguides, various web 2.0 tools, locating information on a wide range of topics
Special Interests: Reading, Gardening, Traveling
Online Handle(s): twitter ked309

Missy Dow

Position: Instructional Technology Coach/ Tech Teacher, Villa Maria Academy
Can help with: 1 to 1 initiatives, web 2.0, iPads, programming, Moodle, GoogleDocs
Special Interests: tech integration, reading, colorguard
Online Handles: @missydow

Cathy Wright Dowd

Position: Instructional Technology Coach, PLN Coach, BCIT Teacher - Shamokin Area SD
Can help with: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Keynotes, Pages, iMovie, Wikispaces
Special Interests : Biking, swimming, gardening, reading, Adobe Photoshop
Skype: catthydowd
Twitter: @cdowd
Facebook: Cathy Dowd

Erinn Durham

Position: Instructional Technologist
Can help with: iPads, Google apps, video creation and editing, SMART Notebook, screencasting
Special Interests: collaboration, lifelong learning, music, reading
( eg. Skype, twitter, facebook) @eedurham21

Bradley Dutchcot

Position: Elementary Technology
Can help with: iPads, SMART Notebook, screencasting, video creation and editing, Green screening, podcasting, troubleshooting
Special Interests:,
Skype: bdutchcot
Twitter: @bdutchcot

Donna Engelberger

KTI Profile Pic.jpg
Position: Mathematics Teacher, Department Head, Southern Huntingdon County School District
Can help with: SmartBoard, Promethean Board, Educreations, TeacherKit
Special Interests: Pastoral guitar, geneaology, camping & hiking, amateur radio
Online Handle(s): @deegevfg (twitter), Deege44vfg (Yahoo Messenger), also on FB, and KB3IGT (ham radio)

Michael Fricko


Position: 9-12 English / Broadcast Journalism
Can help with: iMovie; Premiere Pro Video; most other video editing formats; Greenscreening; DIY teleprompters;
Special Interests: Staying fit (running/biking) -
Twitter: @mrfricko

Angela Fulmer

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.50.30 PM.png

Position: second grade teacher

Can help with: elementary iPad apps, Glogster, Discovery Education

Special interests: reading, walking my dog, playing games, Pinterest, iPads, learning to make global connections


Online handles: Skype- fulmera23, Twitter- @AngelaFulmer, Pinterest- Angela Fulmer


Ryan Gevaudan

coach pic 2006.jpg
Position: Business, Computer & Information Technology
Can help with: Project Based Learning, Web Tools, Google Drive, Apps, Extensions, Movie Making
Special Interests: Reading, Fishing, Coaching

Chuck portrait.jpg
Chuck Ginter

Position: Technology Director

Can help with: Apple OS X, Keynote, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Microsoft Office (Apple & Windows), Google Apps, SMARTBoard/SMART Notebook (Apple & Windows), Wiki’s, iPad deployment, iOS Apps, Apple TV, Digital Photography, Digital Storytelling, Visual Literacy, Copyright, 1:1 Initiatives, Professional Development

Special Interests: Photography, Tennis


Online Handle(s): Skype - chuckginter, twitter - @chuckginter, facebook - chuckginter

Email (Work):

Email (Personal):

Name: Terry Glunt

Position: 4th Grade Teacher
Can help with: iMovie, Keynote, Pages, BrainPop, Study Island
Special Interests: Running and basketball
Online Handle(s): tmg21

Robin Hickey


Position: French Teacher at Northeastern High School in York, PA
Can help with: Google Translate, Chrome books
Special Interests: reading, traveling, dining out, volleyball, walking, spending time with family and friends
Email: rhickey19@comcast,
Facebook: Robin Barton Hickey
Twitter:@ rhick

Jeff Holliday

photo of Mr Holliday - cropped .png
Position: USHistory8 at Mellon Middle School, Mt. Lebanon School District
Website: USH8+

Sandi Ilgenfritz

Picture of me.JPG
Position: fifth grade math and science teacher at Dallastown Area Intermediate School
Can help with: using iPads effectively in the classroom, iPad apps, Nearpod
Special Interests: cooking, planning my kids' birthday parties, and riding roller coasters
Online Handle(s): n/a

Mark James

Profile Pic (1).JPG

Position: High School Math Teacher, Instructional Coach (6th - 9th grade math) at Souderton Area School District
Can help with: Chromebooks, Google Apps and Docs, Desmos, Promethean/Activeinspire, Peardeck, Three Act Math
Special Interests: Running, cooking, Math Education, music, U.S. History
Online Handle(s): twitter - @mdjames67

Gloria Jean

Position: 4th grade teacher, Montoursville Area School District

Can Help With: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word Drawing tools, morning news broadcast

( twitter - @gloriapjean)
Special Interest: family, walking, four wheeler riding, outdoors, exercising
Online Handle: Gloria


Robert Kedney

external image 1618568_10201981929202332_127571398_n.jpg
Position: High School Math Teacher at Central York School District
Can help with: iPad, Nearpod, Google Docs
Special Interests: Cooking, Biking, Making hoppy malt-based beverages

Online Handle: twitter - @mrkedney

Steve Kelly

Middle School Tech Ed Teacher at Murray Avenue School in Lower Moreland Township School District.

Can help with:
Media Literacy, Visual Literacy, Fair Use & Copyright, Robotics(especially Lego Mindstorms), Netop, Diigo, Edmodo.

Special Interests:
Art & Visual Culture, Typography, Calligraphy & Graffiti, Mountain Biking, Yoga.

Mr. Kelly's School Website




Rachelle Kirkpatrick
Position: , Keystone Technology Integrator '08
6th Grade Teacher at Redbank Valley School District
Can help with: IPads, SMART Notebook, Green Screening, Trouble shooting
Special Interests: biking, walking, kayaking, and spending time with my family
Online Handle(s): twitter: @rachell50672587

Daniel "Bo" Koishal


Position:Ninth Grade English, Shakespeare, Link Crew Coordinator
Can help with:Google +, Google docs, forms
Special Interests:Google Chromebooks
@danielkoishal, Facebook: daniel Koishal,

Jen Kraft

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 1.50.27 PM.png

Position: K-6 Computer Teacher at North Schuylkill Elementary
Can Help With: iPads, iMovie, elementary news studios, elementary coding, Discovery Education (Discovery Educator Network), lighting, lots of other things - just ask
Special Interests: Playing the piano, reading, making connections, photography (especially sports), playing with my dogs
Website(s): Ms. Kraft's Computer Class, my professional weebly
Online Handle(s): Twitter , Skype - Jennifer.L.Kraft , Pinterest, Facebook, google+

Barb Kurtz

Position: Spanish teacher at Meadville Area Senior High School, Crawford Central School District
Can help with: My Big Campus (LMS), collaborative class projects using Google Docs, etc., Spanish translations (I'm more accurate than Google Translate).
Special Interests: reading, puzzles/games, crochet (solely an amateur)
Twitter: @BJKURTZ
Google Plus: Barbara Kurtz

Emily Lemay

Position: 4th grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary in Camp Hill School District
Can help with: iPads, Educreations, iReady, Smart Notebook
Special Interests: Ashtanga yoga, cooking, reading, pugs
No Twitter, Facebook or IG, but I am on Edmodo

Michele Mazurek

Profile Picture.jpg
Position: 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Springfield Township Middle School (Montgomery County)
Can help with: Google for education, Chromebooks, SmartResponse clickers,
Special Interests: reading, road trips, visiting family all across the country, really good coffee, and all things Disney
Twitter: @Mrs_Mazoo

Brad McCormick

Me with Falcon (360x640).jpg
Position: 8th Grade Social Studies
Can Help With: Activ Products, SMART Products, More PC than Mac but I can handle pretty much anything.
Special Interests: Character Education, Hockey, Frisbee, and Magic
Website: Mr. McCormick Staff Page
Twitter: @MrMcPennsbury

Kim McCracken
Position: First Grade
Special Interests: Scrap Booking, reading, being a mom
Twitter:@ kimmccracken

Angela McCullough

external image 561083_2927732953071_458322224_n.jpg
Position: Second Grade
Can help with: ipad apps
Special Interests: animal rescues, science, and family time
Twitter: @angelajmcC6

Bill McIntosh

Position: Earth & EnvScience Teacher and part-time IT
Can help with: GoogleApps, Chromebooks, Android, Web2.0, integrating tech into classroom, video editing, fixing tech issues.
Special Interests: Computers, camping, canoeing
@hfxmcintosh created for PLN, but haven't used yet
@nexix1 personal, mostly spam currently.
don't use social media for fun, too busy running union and class sites.
Email: mcintoshb@hasd.

Wendy McKenzie


Position: Librarian, Grades 7-8 Arcola Intermediate School, Methacton School District, Norristown, PA
Can help with: Movie Maker Live, iMovie, wikispaces, ipads, blogging, padlet, and web 2.0 stuff
Special Interests: reading, mountain biking, green screening and visual reports
Website Website
Email or

Rachel McVeagh

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 5.56.17 PM.png

Position: Spanish, grades 8-12, Cornell School District; Adjunct Faculty at Robert Morris University- Communications courses & Spanish courses
Can help with: Promethean and ActivInspire, videoconferencing, wikis, GoogleVoice
Special Interests: travel, gardening, running, cooking
Online Handle(s): Twitter: @Rachel_McVeagh; Skype: Rachel.S.McVeagh; LinkedIn: Rachel McVeagh

Linda Orr

Position- Technology Facilitator at Seneca Valley Elementary School (K-4)
Can help with: BYOD, QR codes, coding, SMARTBoards, MovieMaker, Prezi
Special Interests- biking, running very slowly, aerobics and spending time with my grandchildren
Online Handles - #LindaLOrr - Twitter
Email -

Pam Osche

Wednesday (32).JPG

Position: Gifted Support K-5
Can help with: Classroom wikis, Photo Story
Special Interests: Biking, ballroom dancing, hiking
Social Media: pjosc1(Twitter), Pam Osche (Facebook)

Nora Oswald

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.24.03 PM.png
Position- Algebra 1 Teacher (High School)
Can Help With - 3 Act Tasks, Games in the classroom
Online Handles - @NoraOswald
Email -

Heather Pipech

Position: Business Computer Information Technology, Grades 6-12
Can help with: Moodle, SMART Notebook Software, VoiceThread, KnowMia Teach, GAFE
Special Interests: running, biking, swimming, gardening, hunting with coon dogs and beagles
Online Handle(s): Twitter: @hireland1 Facebook: Heather Ireland Pipech Instagram: hipipech

Rachelle Poth

Position: French and Spanish Teacher (Riveriew School District, Oakmont),
Attorney - private practice
Can help with: Blendspace, Celly, Edmodo, Digital Storytelling, Paperless Classrooms, Google Sites for Student Digital Portfolios, Web 2.0 tools for cartoons, comics, animations, audio and video tools, Geddit, Socrative and GoSoapBox and other student response or assessment tools. Kahoot! Haiky Deck,, Powtoon
Special Interests: anything with technology, reading, Zumba, cooking,fostering cats
Online Handle(s): Facebook: Rachelle Berquist Poth,

Zee Ann Poerio

Position: k- 8 Computer Teacher, 8th Grade English (Co-Teacher), and 7th & 8th Grade Exploratory Latin/Classics
St. Louise de Marillac Catholic School
Can help with: iPad apps, Web tools, Edmodo, GigaPan, Arts & Bots, Finch, Google Docs, still photography, video production tools, TouchCast App, and ideas for livestreaming
Special Interests: Connecting ancient and modern world, promoting the study of Classics (Latin) at the elementary and middle levels, ancient coins
Twitter: @MagistraZee
Skype: zee.poerio
facebook: Zee Ann Poerio
Google+: ZeePoerio
Flickr: MagistraZap
LinkedIn: Zee Ann Poerio

Erin Prosser

Position: Library Media Specialist/Technology Integrator
Hampton Township School District
Teach adult courses @ IU 1 and mentor for Blended Schools
Can Help With: iPad apps, creation tools, Google Docs, wikis, blogs, blended learning, blackboard, and coding
Special Interests: working out, reading, chess
Twitter: missp96

Sarah Rusnock:

Position: 7/8 Remedial Math
Can help with: iOS devices, Grant Writing, ActivInspire/Promethean, Student Response Systems, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Friendly Salutations Featuring Loud Gutteral Utterances
Special Interests: Crushing Candies, HayDay
Instagram: @ms_are
Twitter: @MsAre

Susan Scales

Susan close up.jpg
Position: High School Business (Career Ed, Computer Maintenance, Note taking, etc.)
Can help with: Blended Schools/Blackboard, Many Web 2.0 Tools, Google Apps, Google Drive, Microsoft Suite, OneNote, etc.
Special Interests: Organic gardening, travel, technology
Online Handle: Twitter- @scales4

Tony Sedun

Position: ELA Teacher, Grade 7 + Grade 8 Summer School at Central Dauphin. School District, Adjunct Prof. of English at Millersville Univ., Founder of The Life Writes Project and Life. Writes Colombia.

Can Help With: Narrative writing, multi-modal and multi-genre instructional design, community partnerships and outreach
Special Interests: Writing poetry, short fiction, essays; manual labor; running in the rain, family fun facilitator
Twitter: @anthonysedun
Skype: @anthony.sedun

Adam Shearer


Position: 5th grade math and ELA mixed in

Can help with: Weebly, Study Island, iPads
Special Interests: sports, movies, gardening, hunting, kids!
Online Handle: n/a

Claire Signorello


High School Mathematics Teacher at Lackawanna Trail
Can help with:
Mac/iPad, screencasting, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, iPhoto, ExplainEverything
Special Interests:
enjoying my new granddaughter, family, reading, writing, motivating people, riding my Harley, doing 1 new thing every day
Online Handle(s):
Twitter - @sig_miss
Email -

Brett Slezak

Logo Background.png
Position: Health & Physical Education (7-12)
Can help with: Biometrics & Wearables, Robotics & Coding, 3D printing
Special Interests: Social Entrepreneurship, Start-Up Accelerators, STREAM & General Education Disruption
Twitter: @AVPhysEd

Brad Steigerwalt

DSC03347 (1).JPG

Position: Music Teacher-Northampton Area Middle School
Can help with: GarageBand, Remind, Google Apps, Twitter, G+ Hangouts, iMovie, Google Sites, Finale, Keynote, Glogster, Quia, Google Drive, Pinnacle Studio, podcasting, Chromebooks, Android
Special Interests: Singing, Music, Walking, Disney, Freemasonry, Tech, Roller Coasters
Online Handle(s):
Twitter: @MrSteigerwalt
Skype: MrSteigerwalt
Facebook: Brad Steigerwalt

Kristin Swanson

Position: Elementary Librarian/Information Literacy Specialist
Can help with: iPads and apps, digital resources and databases, Promethean, locating information, Silly String battle strategies
Special Interests: reading, preschool literacy, trying new foods, HGTV, gardening, Forced Family Fun days :)
Online Handle(s): @tabmommy

Erika Viselli

Position: 4th Grade teacher/Building Technology Integrator
Can help with: Edmodo, Twitter, various presentation tools (BitStrips, PowToon), Google Apps for Ed, Global Read Aloud
Special Interests: Technology (obviously), snowboarding, boating, hiking, Philadelphia sports, fashion
( @FlippingIn4th @MsVsFirsties

Amanda Vollmer

external image 9HWuKCYSb2IafhJQfVUIvimR2S0m8cJyXTVl5eGYJh9lC49YUnCy4jayVZrylhVdksWw9ZrOuszOElfIxhFTmt8y41vTflRUQ28PUXLtd5FW_gBThZvo0WJ4WWuqop_IlQ

Position: 5th grade
Can help with: DonorsChoose proposals, Google Drive, 3D printers,
Special Interests: Reading, softball, snowmobiling, flamingos, Denver Broncos
Online Handles: Twitter-@amanda_vollmer, Facebook
amanda.vollmer (Skype)

Tara Walter
profile pic.jpg
Position: Middle School Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Can help with: Prezi, Keynote, iWeb, Glogster, Google Presentations, iMovie, Using iPads effectively in the classroom, Collaboration
Special Interests: Family, Golf, Cooking, Organizing, Photography, Travel, Philly Sports, Learning about other Cultures, Technology, Education
Website: (*Please note: I am in the process of changing my website. I received a new position this past Tuesday:))

Theresa Wenck

Photo on 7-23-14 at 4.51 PM.jpg
Position: German/Latin Teacher at Northampton Area High School
Can help with: Google sites, Moodle, Google Docs, Voice Thread, Google Voice, German translations
Special Interests:Jogging, reading, spending time with family, my doggie and my cats
Website : I am currently not using this very much
Social Media: @TheresaWenck (twitter)

Janelle Wierbowski

Mom and Brynn.JPG
Position: Kindergarten Teacher at Wallenpaupack Area
Can help with: Animoto, Kidblog, Thinglink, Voki, iPad apps
Special Interests: Sewing, reading, Pinterest, online shopping
Social Media: @janellewierbo (Twitter)

Holly Wyckoff

Position: First grade teacher
Can help with: iPad apps
Special Interests: Teaching, knitting, reading
Twitter: @holly_Wyckoff