Title: 60in60: 60 Web Tools in 60 minutes

Tuesday, 9:30 A.M.
Room: 201


Brandon Lutz & Scott Snyder


Enhance your classroom with 60 of the most innovative and low-cost web 2.0 tools around. Tying technology to the common core standards, 60in60 is designed to change your pedagogy forever! You will leave the presentation with a variety of tools that can immediately be implemented in the everyday classroom.


K-12, All subjects, All teachers


All sites featured are web tools. Any device with an Internet connection.

Outline of Presentation:

60 in 60: Present 60 Web Tools in 60 Minutes

One Web Tool is presented per minute in a fast paced session that utilizes Keynote as a delivery method. Participants are also given access to the 60in60 wikispaces page to examine the tools in more depth and for links to the Web Tools. Participants are encouraged to take notes during the presentation, so they can return to specific apps of interest at a later time.