Title: 60in60: App Attack

Tuesday 1:00 P.M.
Room: 103


Scott Snyder & Brandon Lutz


The fast paced 60 in 60 presentation exposes attendees to 60 new mobile tools in 60 minutes. Teachers, coaches and administrators that attend this session can use the various tools in their classrooms and schools to enhance their curriculum, the engagement of students, and their own personal productivity.

Over the past few years, this variation on the original 60 in 60 has become a very popular session at PETE&C, always playing to near-capacity crowds. Some may say the concept is too much information for the audience in short period of time, but once you experience this type of session, you will change your mind! By offering so many tools, this presentation makes sure there is something for everyone.


K-12, All subjects, All teachers


We will have apps for all iOS, Android and Windows devices. When possible, cross platform apps are featured; however, not every app presented will work on all platforms.

Outline of Presentation:

60 minutes: Present 60 Mobile Apps in 60 Minutes

One Mobile App is presented per minute in a fast paced session that utilizes Keynote as a delivery method. Participants are also given access to the 60in60 wikispaces page to examine the tools in more depth and for links to apps. Participants are encouraged to take notes during the presentation, so they can return to specific apps of interest at a later time.